Aussies now need a $106,742 deposit to get in the door

[ad_1] Australia’s residential property market is worth FOUR TIMES the rest of the economy – but it’s bad news for young Aussies who now need a $107,000 deposit just to get on the ladder  Property worth more than the GDP of every

China cuts off all economic talks with Australia

[ad_1] China has indefinitely suspended all strategic economic talks with Australia, blaming the Morrison Government’s attitude towards the relationship. The move cuts off all diplomatic contact with Beijing under the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue, freezing discussions between key officials below a ministerial

Cindy McCain says she would serve Biden in 'any capacity'

[ad_1] Cindy McCain says she would serve Biden in ‘any capacity’ amid reports she will be named the U.S. ambassador to the UN World Food Program in Rome Cindy McCain said she would serve the Biden administration in ‘any capacity’ Reports say

Tucker Carlson mocks woke CIA recruitment video

[ad_1] Fox News host Tucker Carlson has mocked the now-infamous CIA recruitment video of an officer with the agency describing herself as an ‘intersectional cisgender millennial with generalized anxiety disorder’. ‘There’s really nothing we can do to prepare you for the experience of

Why the Chinese diaspora support the Proud Boys

[ad_1] Larger numbers of Chinese Americans and other expats from the motherland have embraced far-right groups like the Proud Boys because they fear Antifa and Black Lives Matter want to create a communist dictatorship in America. Chinese Americans and expats from China,

Xi Jinping adopts 'Helmsman' title last used by Chairman Mao

[ad_1] Xi Jinping adopts ‘Helmsman’ title last used by Mao in latest sign he is consolidating power… as Australian general reveals he fears the country is set for WAR with China Chinese President Xi Jinping recently adopted the title of ‘helmsman’  Honorific description

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