Scotland independence: Nicola Sturgeon and SNP ‘needs to be judged on election promises'

He said: “Via the so-called Barnett formula, the Scottish Government currently receives around £32billion a year form the Treasury – an annual block grant to help fund public services such as healthcare or education.

“Taxes would have to rise significantly for an independent Scottish Government to make up the shortfall between tax receipt and the loss of the block grant.”

Addressing other issues the SNP has to confront, Mr Pabst added: “The SNP and its leader – whoever that is – need to be judged on their record, which includes problems in health and social care too.”

According to the Report of the Independent Review of Social Care in Scotland, published in late January 2021 and commissioned by Ms Sturgeon, the social care system is based on “unwarranted local variation, crisis intervention, a focus on inputs, a reliance on the market and an undervalued workforce”.

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