'Running Scotland into the ground' SNP blasted for 14 years of failure to improve nation


Scottish Conservative MSP for Dumfriesshire Oliver Mundell insisted the SNP have been “running Scotland into the ground” with their leadership. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Mundell highlighted what he believes to be many of the errors of the last 14 years under the SNP. He also argued the SNP priorities have been skewed through their push for independence rather than issues facing Scotland.

Mr Mundell said: “I think the big failure is that the SNP have taken their eye off the ball.

“Right across their domestic record, there is failure time and time again.

“We have seen education standard slip backwards, the Scottish education system was once the envy of the world and it has been destroyed under the SNP.

“We have seen our police and fire service merged into a new national force and that has not gone well for communities.

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“We have seen challenges in the NHS with new hospitals delayed, issues with buildings.

“We have seen appalling figures when it comes to drug deaths.”

Mr Mundell also insisted the SNP have been too focused on independence rather than the issues facing Scotland.

He said: “The SNP has been in charge for 14 years, they are in charge of one of the most powerful devolved Parliaments anywhere in the world.

He said: “For them, it is always about blaming Westminster, about attacking Westminster politicians.

“But when it comes to the most important issue in Scotland, the Prime Minister has stood up for their interests.”

“I look back as a Conservative on the 2019 election where the Conservatives did a lot better than expected in terms of vote share.

“If we can repeat that and improve on that slightly at the Holyrood election we have a real chance at being able to stop Nicola Sturgeon.”


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