'Respect democracy, Remainers!' Britons furiously defend Truss after 'irrelevance' attack

The Foreign Secretary was interrupted during an appearance on Sky News on Thursday by a man walking through the camera’s shot. She asked the crew: “Sorry, can we start again?” Despite the innocence of the situation, Remainers grabbed the opportunity to attack Ms Truss, with one writing in a post on Twitter: “I would walk out too, there is no benefit or requirement for her to be there, she adds no value, an irrelevance. “This is absolutely not the time for vain self-promotion.”

Express.co.uk readers have now hit back against the insulters.

JL77 wrote: “If UK is such an irrelevance why stay in this country.

“There is always the dictatorship EU or Russia who would welcome you in.”

JL77 added: “The majority of the UK is not with the EU and never will be.

“Respect democracy, Remainers!”

GnosticBrian added: “Remoaners out of touch, as ever.

“The UK was sending anti-tank missiles [to Ukraine] when the EU was sending steel helmets…”

Flivoless suggested the EU enjoys slating Britain for Brexit, until it needs help.

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They wrote: “Funny isn’t it. Many in Europe and Remainers in the UK continue to slate the UK: “Little England”, “irrelevant”, “we are 27 you are just one”, “we have a market of 450million”, etc.

“Yet when then is a problem, like now, the UK is expected to do as much, if not more, than 27 EU member countries and 450million citizens.”

Dustyroad even argued that Ms Truss, far from having humiliated herself, demonstrated she was fit to lead the country.

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They said: “Truss was very cool and calm there.

“She has the makings of a good Prime Minister.

“She would be feared by the Eurofanatics who will stop at nothing to discredit her character.”

They added: “In Truss we trust.”

The Foreign Secretary was in Vilnius to discuss the response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

She hopes to reduce the evidence threshold required to prove an individual’s links to the Kremlin.

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