Queensland woman claims she received the WRONG Covid vaccine after a mix-up

Woman claims she received the WRONG Covid vaccine after a mix-up

An aged care worker has been left bed-ridden after she allegedly received the wrong second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. 

The worker, reportedly received the Pfizer vaccine for her first dose but was was given the AstraZeneca vaccine for her second injection at an Ipswich medical clinic in Queensland today.   

The woman aged in her 50’s, only realised the mistake after receiving a pamphlet following her second jab. 

The clinic kept the woman under observation following the injection for an hour while checking her blood pressure twice. 

She was later sent home with an ice-pack to help with an ongoing headache.   

The woman is reportedly suffering with nausea, dizziness and body aches since late afternoon.  

Health workers at the clinic are  ‘not sure’ what the potential side effects for the mix-up will be for the woman, as she ‘is the first person in Australia this has happened to’.

The clinic told her to go home, watch for symptoms and call an ambulance if she has an adverse reaction.

More to come. 


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