Own Your Packaging: The Unboxing Experience

Own Your Packaging
Own Your Packaging

You are already aware that first impressions are important. And you only get one shot to create a solid one.

Your packaging gives you the chance to show off your branding and style while also informing clients about your company’s story. Packaging provides a whole brand experience that makes a lasting impact when done wisely and artistically.

Packaging is extremely crucial if you operate an online business: it’s the first thing the consumers see when they receive their order in the mail, and it’s often their first physical encounter with your products.

If you’re selling products in a physical location, your packaging can help make a favorable, lasting impression on your customers. They’ll be grateful for the time and effort you put into packing up their purchase.

According to Caitlin Strandberg, who is an investor, the unboxing experience can convert your customer into your ambassador or promoter. The more appealing the unboxing, with alluring colors and brilliant copy, the more likely you are to create a viral moment. People like sharing things they are passionate about.

Step 1: Start with the exterior.

After all, this is what the consumer will see first. Therefore, ensure your packaging is unique and your brand is easily identifiable. Your clients should recognize the product and the brand even before they open it.

Instead of getting custom shipping boxes and postal envelopes, use shipping labels or roll stickers to transform regular packaging supplies into branded products. Stickers on the inner flaps of cardboard boxes may be used to offer extra messaging and a pop of on-brand fun. Include a couple of loose sticker singles for the consumer to have some fun with.

Step 2: Make it Unique

It takes a little extra effort and time to make handwritten notes, but still, it goes a long way toward making your clients feel unique. Demonstrate to consumers that your company is run by actual individuals that care about their business. Write a brief love letter to every customer on a postcard, a note card, or the back of a specialized business card. Alternatively, print a thank-you note ahead of time so you can quickly address and sign it.

Step 3: Use Thoughtful Wrapping Material

To add to the excitement, package your products in tissue paper or wrapping paper and secure them using a sticker or two. To make the branding experience complete, choose colors that mirror your branding. Aim to surprise and excite your customers from the minute they begin to unwrap their purchase. Who doesn’t enjoy unwrapping new trinkets?

Step 4: Secure the Packaging

Are you shipping fragile products? You don’t have to use the usual drab bubble wrap. You can be creative and cushion your products using recycled shredded newspaper or crinkle paper.

Step 5: Tell a Story

With an informative insert, you can practically tell your brand’s story. To explain your brand’s history and goal, as well as what sets you different from the competition, use a brochure or a postcard with brief, snappy content. Include your social media usernames as well to encourage shoppers to share their unboxing experiences on their preferred social media platforms.

Step 6: Promote Your Brand

With a promotional gift, you can thank your customer even more for their loyalty. To add to your package, order a batch of business cards with a discount code or a free delivery offer. This is a simple approach to entice customers to make more purchases and have more spectacular unboxing experiences in the future.

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