Old prescription Glasses – How to deal with them effectively

Old prescription Glasses
Old prescription Glasses

Are you looking to buy new prescription glasses online? A stylish, classy and high-quality glasses that make everyone go wow. A good idea but what about your old glasses frames? What are you going to do with them?

Over the years, old glasses pile up. If your prescription changed too frequently, then you must have collected quite many glasses. You don’t know what to do with these glasses and your old glasses frames keep collecting dust over the corner. As a responsible citizen, you might feel troubled throwing them away like regular waste. Many plastic glasses are non-recyclable. Throwing them away will add to the nuisance of plastic.t

How to deal with your old glasses frames?

1.    Donate

If your glasses are in good condition and you stopped wearing them because your eyesight power changed. It is a good idea to donate your good condition glasses to someone who needs them. Not everyone is privileged. There are people who do not get basic necessities met. Eye care can be a far-fetched idea to them as glasses are very costly. By donating your old glasses you are helping these people see clearly.

To donate, you can check local charity organisations and give them your glasses. You will be doing a good deed.

2.    Gift your Glasses

Gifting is another good way. You can gift your good condition designer glasses to your friends or your relatives. Designer glasses frames are costly and when your prescription power changes, these are useless to you. You can look for someone who has the same prescription as your old glasses and gift it to them. They will be happy to get them.

3.    Reglaze Glasses

Reglazing glasses save cost. Instead of buying new glasses, you can get new lenses on your old glasses frames. Recently if you feel that you cannot see clearly with your glasses, then get an eye test done. There are many places where you can get a free eye test in the UK through the NHS. Get your eyes checked and with a new prescription get new lenses for your old glasses frames.

Specscart, a Manchester-born eyewear start-up provides the best service for reglazing glasses. You can check online and place an order for reglazing. You can choose any high-quality lenses and coating for your glasses and then send your old glasses frames for reglazing.

Reglazing glasses can cost you as low as £29.99 which is very affordable when you don’t have to pay for the frames. You are saving cost on fashionable frames and investing in high-quality lenses for a perfect and comfortable vision.

4.    Reuse Glasses

If you have one too many glasses, you can reglaze all your glasses and wear glasses matching with your outfit. You can have glasses for working, one for hanging out with friends, one for dates and another for going out travelling. Change your glasses from a visual aid to a fashion necessity, especially when you have too many stylish glasses frames.

Style doesn’t fade away. Old fashion keeps coming back. You can wear your old transparent glasses frames or those designer tortoiseshell glasses. You can keep using them. You don’t need to throw them away. Get a free eye test in the UK with NHS from Specscart. You can reglaze all your old glasses and get lenses with your updated prescription.

5.    Recycle Glasses

Not all glasses can be reglazed. If your old glasses are broken beyond any chance of mending them, you can only discard these glasses. Simply throwing them away is irresponsible. Check if your glasses are recyclable or not. Next, find out organisations that take old glasses for recycling. You can contact your nearby Lions club to recycle your glasses. Send your old broken glasses to these places and get them recycled.

After sending your old glasses away for recycling, you can order fast prescription glasses from Specscart. Specscart manufactures glasses speedily and delivers fast prescription glasses to your doorsteps. You can order your glasses online and get high-quality lenses with stylish frames at an affordable cost. Most glasses frames come at an average of £50. You can get your glasses within budget and you have to compromise neither quality nor fashion. Check out the site for fashionable frames in various styles and shades.

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