Not now, Nicola! Sturgeon ordered to drop independence bid to focus on Scottish economics

Scottish businessman Sir Tom Hunter argued that now was not the time for a Scottish independence referendum. While speaking on the Today Programme, he argued the SNP had shown they could not multi-task on many issues. He added he did believe that another referendum would happen but insisted there were other more pressing issues that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon should deal with such as the pandemic.

Sir Tom said: “The independence debate from this point of view is irrelevant.

“I think there will be another independence referendum but it certainly shouldn’t be happening now.

“We have got a global pandemic on our hands and our politicians are not good at multi-tasking.

“We need to sort out where we are, the independence question is for another day.”

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Sir Tom also reflected on the possibilities for Scotland, regarding building a stronger economy.

He said: “I think the North Sea oil debate is actually over.

“What we need to be doing now is moving from Carbon to renewable.

“The North Sea has been hugely influential in the economic figures.

He said: “I think the general consensus of business up here is that the current Government don’t really listen to business.

“They make policy in isolation which makes bad policy.

“And in my opinion that simply isn’t good enough for Scotland.”

The Scottish First Minister has been hoping to secure a strong mandate to push Boris Johnson into agreeing to a new independence referendum at the Scottish elections on May 6.

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