Mullet-wearing Putin lover STUNS Q&A with a very controversial statement about 'Ukrainian' killers

Mullet-wearing Putin lover is BOOTED out of Q&A studio after very controversial statement about Ukrainian ‘Nazi’ killers: ‘They are not the good guys’

A mullet-wearing Putin lover has been sensationally booted from the Q&A studio after controversially slamming Ukrainian ‘Nazi’ killers on live television. 

Sasha Gillies-Lekakis appeared in the audience during Thursday night’s episode of Q&A before he asked to leave for making a controversial statement about Ukraine. 

‘As someone who comes from the Russian community in Australia, I’ve been pretty outraged by the narrative created by the media depicting Ukraine as “the good guy” and Russia as the “bad guy”, he began. 

‘Believe it or not, there are a lot of Russians here and around the world who support what Putin is doing in Ukraine, myself included.’

The University of Melbourne student claimed that since 2014 the Ukrainian government had collaborated with Nazi groups to besiege the Russian population. 

As Mr Gillies-Lekakis continues his heated spiel the camera pans to the visibly uncomfortable panel, where one woman is seen raising her eyebrows. 

He went on to claim Ukrainian forces had killed almost 13,000 Russians, citing the United Nations as his source.

As other audience members begin to heckle the student he asks where the outpouring of grief and concern was for the the 13,000 Russians killed.  

Host Stan Grant took the question to the panel, asking if there was a moral equivalence to the attacks and if there had been provocation from Ukraine.

Following discussion from the panel, the host circles back to the university student and sensationally asks him to leave the studio. 

‘Something has been bothering me, I have to admit, since we had Sasha’s question earlier about Russia, and it’s been playing on my mind,’ Grant said. 

‘Sasha, people here have been talking about family who are suffering and people who are dying. I understand you wanted to ask your question about – is there some reasoning for this?

‘Can I just say – I’m just not comfortable with you being here. Could you please leave? Sasha, I’m sorry. You can ask a question, but we cannot advocate violence. I should have asked you to leave then.’

More to come. 


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