Macron and Merkel 'will come around' to supporting highly prosperous Brexit Britain

Director-General of the think tank Centre for Brexit Policy John Longworth argued that the European Union will still choose to work with Britain post-Brexit. During an interview with, Mr Longworth highlighted Brexit Britain’s importance to the bloc. He insisted that French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will eventually come around supporting the UK despite current animosity.

He also claimed that the UK would continue to trade with the EU as the UK trade across the globe without trade deals in place.

Mr Longworth said: “From my experience, the UK is highly valued by a wide range of nations within the European Union.

“In central and Eastern Europe we are highly valued for supporting defence.

“In the Nordic countries, it is because and the Netherlands it is for our cooperation on commercial issues, banking, finance and manufacturing.

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“Of course, UK tourists are an essential part of countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece.

“Practical mutual benefits will actually win out and the end.

“Whatever the rancour between the UK and the European Commission and whatever the attitude of Germany and France, who are very peeved at the moment that we have actually decided to walk away from their global system, they will eventually come around.”

Mr Longworth highlighted why the EU will consider the UK to be a great asset going forward.

He closed by saying: “In relation to security and defence, the UK is one of only two credible nations, Britain and France, that have credible armed forces.

“Actually the EU has relied upon the UK and the United States and others through NATO to defend them.

“Really we should be asking those nations in the EU to start to pay for their own defence, it is all rather ridiculous.”

European Union member states have long been facing calls to increase their defence spending to meet NATO requirements but the UK was repeatedly the only European nation to ever meet its spending goals. 

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