Labour delusion: Starmer crisis as 60% of party members want to rejoin EU – poll

Remainers reacted with glee to the news this morning, with many voicing their hopes the result could help overturn 2016’s historic referendum result. It came after a YouGov survey found 59 percent of Labour members polled thought they should campaign on the issue compared to just 15 percent who said they should not.

This comes despite Sir Keir’s vocal desire to move his party on from the Brexit debate as it desperately seeks to reestablish its former northern strongholds.

These were decimated during the 2019 general election, with many believing that then-leader Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge for a second referendum on Brexit turned off many traditional Labour voters.

Today’s poll will do little to abate concerns about the growing chasm between these northern voters who overwhelmingly backed Leave and southern Remain voters.

Failure to unite these two voting blocs will undoubtedly doom Sir Keir’s leadership and consign his party to electoral history.

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“We are citizens of Europe. Hope you all have a beautiful day!”

A third tweeted: “Boris Johnson will not put country first but he will be exposed as the selfish, dishonest opportunist he is. Sadly only when the damage has sunk in.

“The #Brexit elite cannot hope to fool us for much longer #FBPE #RejoinEU.”

Sir Keir’s failure to distance himself from his Remoaner image may lead to a coup to replace him with a more palatable alternative.

Even arch-Remainer Tony Blair is reportedly beginning to lose patience as the party slips behind in the polls.

A Shadow Cabinet source told the Mail on Sunday: “There is a void about what we stand for. You can’t just not be the other guy.”

There are also claims of tensions between Sir Keir and his deputy Angela Rayner and Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy.

The paper reported that there are even plans for the party’s Right and Left factions to unite and replace Sir Keir if Labour’s decline continues.

“Compromise candidate” Yvette Cooper and left-winger Richard Burgon as deputy are rumoured to be potential replacements.

Loyalists dismissed the idea as absurd insisting there was no alternative to Sir Keir.

A 1,736 GB Adults were polled between 31st March and 1st April for the survey.

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