How to Choose Tire Equipment for a Service Shop?

Tire Equipment
Tire Equipment

Many dreams of starting their businesses. Working on a personal project, getting significant profits, and not being tied to one employer is truly a dream for many. However, some people make their dreams come true, especially when they launch initially profitable businesses.

Some professional labor today is replaced by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thus, some professions may become unnecessary. However, not when it comes to car repair. Most people own a car, so they need to change tires and replace worn-off parts. Thus, it’s a good idea to start a car repair or tire-changing business.

However, business owners must ensure their tire equipment is the best. Even though this business is profitable overall, it won’t guarantee success if your clients aren’t satisfied with the services and results they receive. Thus, you must consider choosing the best quality equipment.

But how to choose equipment for your garage or auto repair shop? Check out some options below to understand where to start.

What Equipment To Purchase?

Any auto repair shop requires quality tools and equipment to provide services. The easiest option is to contact a distributor of equipment and auto body tools, like DealerShop. It’s a distributor to car shops with the best tools and equipment items. But what tools should you even choose?

Most auto repair shops have the following equipment:

  • tire changing equipment;
  • wheel balancer;
  • two-post lift;
  • alignment lift.

Focus only on these tools if you only plan to offer tire change services. However, it’s possible to offer other repair services. But first, let’s check out in detail why business owners should buy mentioned equipment pieces.

Tire Changing Equipment     

The tire changer is one of the most often popular machines and a must-have in any auto repair. This equipment can range from very simple to quite complex. It assists you in doing one of the most typical maintenance duties easily.

Wheels handle the main “dirty work” from their cars since they are always in motion and bear the whole weight of the machine. As a result, they are subject to a great deal of wear and require frequent maintenance.

Wheel Balancer

Wheel balancers help you save time and effort when balancing tires. Balancers provide superior support and control. The first factor when choosing a wheel balancer is the amount of balancing required. Balancers are classified into three types:

  • static;
  • dynamic;

One of the best options when starting a business is the static balancer. It doesn’t cost a fortune and can complete various complex tasks.

Two-Post Lift

Working at a car repair doesn’t mean the job has to be physically demanding and tiresome. That’s when a reliable two-post lift comes in handy. However, it may be challenging to find the right two-post lift.

Consider whether you want a two-post lift with an overhead or baseplate design. Two-post lifts work by hoisting a platform that elevates the car into the air using two posts. A beam joins the posts at the top of an overhead design, guaranteeing much-needed safety and stability.

Alignment Lift

Alignment lifts are a subset of lifting systems that help conduct vehicle alignment services. They can come as four-post, scissor, or in-ground lifts. Special turn and slide plates are constructed right into the runways, allowing the wheels to turn freely.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article helped you figure out where you should start. This is the basic set of equipment to provide tire-changing services. You may also consider expanding the list of services you provide if the business turns out to be profitable.

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