History touristic Rincón De La Victoria Malaga

The beaches at Rincon de la Victoria were not historically the primary draw for tourists. When you buy Rincón de la Victoria property for sale, you will find out that this town has a very long history because of the palaeolithic murals in El Tesoro and the Bronze Age artefacts in La Victoria. When the Phoenicians arrived, official settlement began, like many communities in the area. The Romans and later the Moors came after them.

Prehistoric eras may be found in Rincon de la Victoria’s past. This has been demonstrated by the discovery of Bronze Age artefacts in the La Victoria cave and Paleolithic wall paintings in the El Tesoro cave. Additionally, this is in line with previous archaeological discoveries made in several caverns in the province of Malaga.

Traces of Phoenician and Roman immigrants are also compatible with earlier discoveries in other cities in the area. Around 550 BC, the Phoenicians could have arrived first. At the Loma de Benagalbon, they made their home. Roman constructions like bathhouses and mosaic ruins show that the Romans preferred to stay in the exact location when they arrived.

When the Reconquista was at its height, Christian soldiers had been fighting for over 800 years to expel the Moors from the Iberian Peninsula; when they arrived to find the area virtually desolate. Beginning with 120 individuals, the Christians attempted to repopulate the region in the early 1500s, but the villagers finally evacuated due to the plague pandemic.

A whole new community didn’t start to take shape until the late 1700s. Fishing became the primary source of income for the community, thanks to this one. Rincon de la Victoria was long thought to be a fishing community. The residents kept the serene beaches to themselves during that period.

However, as Malaga locals began travelling there for quick weekend getaways, news of the allure of Rincon de la Victoria’s sandy beaches started to spread. This shift in interest cast a shadow on the area’s rich history.

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