'Guy we're not coming back!' Deluded Verhofstadt humiliated as he calls on UK to rejoin EU

The Belgian politician said the Brexit agreement signed between the EU and the UK, which was finally approved by the European Parliament, was the “first deal in history to remove freedoms”.

Mr Verhofstadt said the UK’s departure from the bloc was a failure on both sides of the Channel and called on Britain to rejoin the EU in the near future.

He wrote: “The European Parliament approves the EU-UK trade & cooperation agreement!

“The first trade deal in history to put up barriers & remove freedoms?

“A failure for both sides, but better than nothing.

“I still believe one day an ambitious young politician will want the United Kingdom to lead in the European Union again!”

But the tweet, which he posted before the confirmation by European Parliament President David Sassoli of the ratification of the deal in the chamber, was met with the hilarious reactions of Brexiteers on the platform.

One Twitter user replied: “Europe and the European Union are not the same thing…you like to pretend they are.

“We are already leading in Europe.”

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And another one: “Any ambitious young politicians will be thinking about striking deals with European states that benefit all, without the need for a power hungry middleman.”

One Brexiteer joked: “Thanks for all you’ve done for Vote Leave Guy. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Finally, someone added: “You must be mad if you think we’d ever rejoin your appalling organisation.

“Pull up a chair, and a second one for Von de Leyen, and I’ll happily tell you why.”

The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of the post-Brexit trade deal between Britain and the European Union, clearing the last hurdle towards full ratification of the accord.

MEPs backed the trade and cooperation agreement by 660 votes to five, with 32 abstentions, the parliament announced on Wednesday. The vote took place on Tuesday, but coronavirus working restrictions meant the result was not immediately known.

Parliament’s consent brings to an end over four years of acrimonious negotiations and debate and lingering mistrust as Britain ended 47 years of EU membership.

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen welcomed the vote and said the Trade and Co-operation Agreement “marks the foundation of a strong and close partnership with the UK”.

But in an acknowledgement of EU concerns about the Prime Minister’s approach to deals with Brussels, she warned that “faithful implementation is essential”.

The UK and EU are at odds over the way the earlier Brexit divorce deal is being implemented in Northern Ireland.

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