'Glasgow obsessed' Sturgeon attacked for locking Aberdeen down despite lower Covid cases

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In August last year, Aberdeen was forced into the country’s first local lockdown, with pubs being forced to close and people banned from travelling more than five miles from their homes. However, the move was widely criticised by Opposition party members.

Now, Scottish Tory MP, Braden Davy, has said the SNP is a “Glasgow obsessed party” and refused to put the city into lockdown despite having higher Covid cases.

Mr Davy, MP Angus North & Mearns, tweeted: “SNP under Nicola Sturgeon is a Glasgow obsessed party which doesn’t understand the North East.

“That’s why they slammed Aberdeen into lockdown at breakneck speed but refused to do the same in Glasgow when Covid cases were HIGHER.”

He then claimed an “SNP majority” would destroy the North East if they win the Holyrood election in May.

Nicola Sturgeon attacked for plunging Aberdeen into lockdown

Nicola Sturgeon attacked for plunging Aberdeen into lockdown (Image: Getty)

Scottish Tory MP Braden Davy

Scottish Tory MP Braden Davy (Image: Angus Council)

Mr Davy added: “Remember the North East pumped billions into Scottish coffers which the SNP wasted, and when the oil price collapsed did we get support? Nope.

“They refused to reassess business rates and slashed NE council budgets.

“An SNP majority would destroy the North East.”

When Aberdeen was plunged into lockdown, Douglas Lumsden, co-leader of Aberdeen city council, hit out at Ms Sturgeon and claimed Glasgow was a “yes city”.

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Aberdeen was plunged into lockdown

Aberdeen was plunged into lockdown (Image: Getty)

In a series of tweets, Mr Lumsden said: “Glasgow is a ‘yes’ city so escapes the lockdown Aberdeen had.”

He continued: “I hope that Nicola Sturgeon will explain to businesses in Aberdeen that were forced to close, why Glasgow businesses are not being forced to close.

“Aberdeen was locked down for three weeks, no hospitality, no travel, no visiting.

“Glasgow lockdown = no visiting.”

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Coronavirus cases around the UK

Coronavirus cases around the UK (Image: Express)

He then added: “Glasgow lockdown.

“No household gatherings so meet your pals in the pub instead.”

Jenny Laing, Labour MP in Aberdeen, also hit out at the First Minister and said: “We are disappointed that the First Minister’s blanket lockdown measures across Scotland are having a disproportionate effect on Aberdeen following the already damaging statutory lockdown imposed on Aberdeen by the Scottish Government.

“The First Minister needs to share the Incident Management Team report and recommendations from the Greater Glasgow Health Board and explain why she chose not to impose a statutory lockdown on Glasgow and surrounding areas given her course of action has resulted in a huge outbreak of Covid-19 right across Scotland.”

Aberdeen was plunged into lockdown

Aberdeen was plunged into lockdown (Image: Getty)

Ms Sturgeon – who is the MSP for Glasgow Southside – lashed out at the accusations saying it was “patent nonsense” she targetted Aberdeen.

She said: “At the heart of the letter from the co-leaders, is the notion I have deliberately penalised Aberdeen in the restrictions being put on to bring the pub-based cluster under control some weeks ago, and that we should have done the same for Glasgow.

“In actual fact, as I’ve explained many, many times, we took action in both cities that we thought were appropriate to the nature of the outbreak.

“I just have to accept that, if for political reasons, there are people like the co-leaders of Aberdeen who want to believe that in handling this epidemic I am actually making judgements based on whether I have a view on a particular city over another city, then there’s not much I can do about that.

Nicola Sturgeon criticised for Aberdeen lockdown

Nicola Sturgeon criticised for Aberdeen lockdown (Image: PA)

“But it’s nonsense, it’s patent nonsense.

“Actually let’s just all concentrate on working together to deal with this outbreak instead of penning frankly ridiculous letters that probably say more about the authors of them than they do about me.”

In December, the First Minister placed East Lothian, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire in the third tier level meaning hospitality businesses had to close again.

Scotland goes to the polls on May 6.

Express.co.uk has approached the SNP for a comment.

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