Geiger: What You Need To Know About the Exciting Dystopian Adventure Series

Dystopian Adventure Series
Dystopian Adventure Series

Comic partners Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have teamed up with colorist Brad Anderson and letterer Rob Leigh to bring Geiger, an exciting, new dystopian adventure series, to Image Comics. Their departure from DC Comics was unexpected, but fans are excited to see what this creative team can do with their first creator-owned project. If you are a comic series fan, here is everything you need to know about Geiger.

What Is the Premise of the Series?

Geiger takes place on the outskirts of Las Vegas sometime in the future. A nuclear event known as the Unknown War left the earth ravaged and virtually uninhabitable due to the radioactive waste left behind. Against this doomsday backdrop, Geiger devotes himself to protecting his family members who are all living inside a fallout shelter.

Geiger was damaged during the nuclear attack, and as a result, he became a radioactive monster who is somehow able to survive in the outside world with no protection. While the world sees him as a monster (often referred to as Meltdown Man and Joe Glow), readers realize that behind Geiger’s exterior lives a devoted father and husband who wants nothing more than to keep his family safe from the chaos and outlaws that fill the doomsday world. Geiger is a true hero, weighed down by his situation but full of love and devotion for his family.

What Makes the Series Special?

Comic fans have enthusiastically embraced the new Geiger series. Creator Johns and artist Frank have created a captivating main character who can survive in the wasteland and successfully battle the characters that threaten his family, but more importantly, has an inner core that readers can sympathize with and support. Moreover, all of the characters in the series are interesting and multifaceted, and it’s impossible not to feel invested in the storyline and drawn in by the struggle.

The vibrant colors added by Anderson add to the intensity of the story and make every backdrop, ranging from a desert wasteland to the Las Vegas strip, capture the reader’s attention. Leigh does a fantastic job with the lettering and uses each word bubble to help the storyline shine through.

With its complex and well-thought-out characters, vivid backdrops, and thoughtful lettering, it is not hard to understand why the comic world is warmly embracing Geiger. But it is the character of Geiger that really draws in readers. Geiger is an unconventional hero we can empathize with. His internal and external struggles are on display, and readers will find themselves cheering him on and hoping that everything eventually turns out fine in this dystopian wasteland.

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