GB News: Mark Dolan blasts EU for criticising Brexit – ‘Bunch of blockheads’

He said: “The Telegraph newspaper is reporting that the European Parliament thinks that Brits did not know what they were voting for when they chose to leave the bloc.

“What a bunch of blockheads.

“The EU is an unaccountable political monolith detached from the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the people it leads. The EU is interested in only one thing itself.

“Why else would they weaponise the Northern Ireland protocol that risks restarting the troubles and risks restarting the troubles?”

Mr Dolan argued that the EU is dominated by France and Germany who hold British voters as well as smaller countries in contempt.

He said: “The EU is dominated by France and Germany.

“Smaller countries don’t get a look in. Greece being the most egregious example bankrupted for several generations.

“Their contempt for voters is clear from this latest outburst. 

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“These remoaner bullies are also the ones normally with a blue heart next to their profile on twitter.

“A mask, of course an EU flag and a pronoun.

“The eurozelots seem to be aligned with the be kind brigade who are anything but.”

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