European Commission vaccine export ban: VDL blocks jabs to ANY country with better rollout

The green-eyed European Commission President has signed off on new measures to give her powers to prevent doses of coronavirus vaccines made on the Continent from being shipped abroad. Downing Street fears our rip-roaring mass immunisation scheme firmly places us in the crosshairs of the Brussels boss. Under the export ban, eurocrats will have to sign off on requests from EU-based vaccine producers when they want to send their doses abroad.

The new mechanism, which EU officials say is “strengthened”, will allow them to make a decision to approve the shipments based on whether their destination is combating the coronavirus pandemic better than the bloc.

Brussels will review whether a country has a “higher vaccination rate than the Union or where the current epidemiological situation is less serious than in the Union.”

“Exports to those countries may thus threaten the security of supply within the Union,” the regulation adds.

Envious EU chiefs have denied that their new measure is an outright export ban, but Whitehall legal experts have reviewed the document and insist it is tantamount to a ban.

British officials believe the bloc is hell-bent on targeting the UK and AstraZeneca because of their recent success in rolling out life-saving jabs.

Discussing the export ban, an EU official said: “The UK has a prioritisation in place, that means there are no doses coming to Europe from the UK right now.

“If you look at the look at the global picture, you see that the de-facto export bans are in place.”

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