EU taking 'destructive path' over Covid vaccination rollout blasts former Brexit Party MEP


Former Brexit Party MEP Belinda De Lucy has accused the EU of viewing the health crisis brought about by coronavirus as an opportunity to boost Brussels’ powers. She warned the bloc’s attempts to force all European countries to follow the EU vaccine framework has left eurocrats on a “destructive path”. It comes as the number of European residents administered with a Covid vaccine remains stubbornly behind that of the UK and USA.

De Lucy told TalkRADIO: “The EU tends to take every crisis as an opportunity to force further integration.

“They almost rub their hands and are like great let’s tell the countries they can’t cope on their own and they need to give more powers to us.

“They are going to get rid of the vetoes, remember remainers saying ‘but all the countries have a veto’ they are on their way out.

“And if they’re not they put pressure on like they are doing on Ireland to try and force countries to change their taxes.”

She continued: “It is a destructive path, Brexit was never going to kill off the EU.

“The EU to that themselves, their leaders make terrible decisions.

“I actually feel sorry for our European friends they deserve better.”

Host Ash Gould added: “Well the Dutch apparently wanted to go it alone with the vaccine.

Currently, around 30 percent of EU citizens have received one dose of a vaccine while only 11 percent have been fully vaccinated.

This week Michel Barnier confessed the EU’s “bureaucracy” has negatively impacted the bloc’s vaccination programme.

Mr Barnier told an interview: “It’s true that there were faults (on the EU side) at the start.

“Why? Because we wanted to decide for 27 and not alone.”


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