'Did the Queen go to Boris's parties' US hosts mock UK decision on Covid 'it's tone deaf'

All coronavirus laws in England including the legal requirement for people who test positive to isolate will end on Thursday before free universal testing is scrapped in April. Boris Johnson set out the strategy for “living with Covid” late on Monday afternoon after a Cabinet disagreement centring on funding for future surveillance of the virus disrupted his plans. But The View host Whoopi Goldberg mocked the Prime Minister for his announcement after the Queen contracted Covid.

She said: “He’s been in a lot of trouble recently because he was throwing all kinds of parties in the midst of Covid-19.

“I find it very funny that he’s now like, gung ho and we don’t have to do it anymore.

“This comes at the same time the Queen cancelled her engagements after she got Covid.

“Could Boris be jumping the gun on this or is this part of what we’re going to be seeing?”

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Host Joy Behar interjected: “Did the Queen go to his parties?”

Whoopi continued: “You never know with her.

Joy added: “They seem to be jumping ahead of themselves right now. We’re all sick of it but that doesn’t mean the medical science has caught up yet.”

Sunny Hostin added: “It’s tone deaf at this point to announce this on the eve of the Queen announcing she’s contracted Covid.

“They have one job and that’s to protect the Queen and they couldn’t even do that.”

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