'Dead against it' Boris Johnson braces for rebellion as MPs turn on 'total nanny state' UK

Speaking to talkRADIO Lee Anderson Conservative MP for Ashfield said he was “dead against” Boris Johnson Covid passports’ plan. He branded the plans a “slippery slope” as he warned it could lead to the UK becoming “a total nanny state”. His tirade took aim at the Government’s plans that will see all vaccinated adults have to show proof they have been jabbed in order to get into certain events in the future.

In his furious undressing of the vaccine passport plans, Mr Anderson highlighted concerns over personal freedoms and the grave long term impacts the passports will have on the public.

He said: “This is something I’m totally against, by the way, Covid passports, I don’t believe it’s the right way.

“It’s a slippery slope and it can lead to all sorts of problems not just in the near future but ten, fifteen and twenty years time.

“We’ll become a total nanny state!”

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The MP for Ashfield went on to stress how the vaccine passport “infringes on our civil liberties“ and is “going a little bit too far.”

But he did acknowledge there is support for the passport adding: “A lot of the general public actually support this idea and it’s very divisive.”

The Tory MP stressed how the public should wait and see what the PM has to say about the new scheme in a press conference at 5pm on Monday but stood firm in his criticism of the idea.

He said: “But from a personal point of view, I’m dead against it.”

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It is understood those who have been vaccinated will be able to update details on the NHS Covid app allowing venues to see proof visitors have been jabbed.

Today will also see the results published from an interim study into vaccine passports by Michael Gove.

Gove’s study looks into the feasibility of vaccine certificates.

The news comes as all adults in England will be able to get free twice-a-week home covid tests as Boris begins a mass testing initiative to get Brits back to normal.

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