'Complete nonsense!' Dr Jarvis erupts at anti-mask protests amid 'desperate' Covid surge

Dr Sarah Jarvis appeared on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine Show and delivered a damning verdict of the lockdown protests which occurred in London over the weekend. The practitioner was extremely angry at the event, branding it “nonsense”, as the country is due to reopen again in several weeks and as other countries see cases rise. Dr Jarvis then delivered a smackdown of the protest when she listed off a huge list of arguments against the gathering which was seeking to have lockdown restrictions lifted sooner. 

Host Jeremy Vine asked Dr Jarvis what her opinion was of the protest. 

She replied: “Well I think this is complete nonsense, we are three weeks away from the next stage of opening up.

“We have been opening up for the last two months, we have been in the position where three months ago we had a month where a third of all the deaths happened. 

“We were days away from the position they are now in Delhi where we have families driving around desperately trying to get the oxygen they’ve run out of.”

A seething Dr Jarvis then added: “Brazil has got a wave where the majority of people in intensive care are under the age of 40.

“Chile is in a position where they’ve vaccinated 59 percent of their population and they are in the middle of a third wave.

“We have finally, for the first time, started doing this properly which is opening up and seeing what impact they have and then going to the next step.

“We’ve got Wales and Scotland opening up further on [April 26] and within the next three weeks we’re going to the next stage of opening up.” 

Many protesters ignored social distancing rules and did not wear masks during the event. 

But some commentators like Dr Jarvis point out the growing number of cases around the world as new variants and lifting of restrictions cause havoc for healthcare systems. 

In India, free hospital beds are running dangerously low as patients are sent home to recover from the deadly virus. 

But the population density of cities and towns across the country makes it difficult to maintain social distancing making it a breeding ground for coronavirus. 

In addition, a new deadly Indian variant has been discovered which has seen a double mutation of its spike protein – something that could potentially affect vaccine efficacy. 

Cases of the Indian variant have been found in the UK despite a tough crackdown on foreign travel and quarantine rules. 

Border forces say fake Covid documents proving a vaccination or negative test are on the rise with over a hundred fake certificates spotted each day. 

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