British man, 31, is stabbed to death in suspected break-in at his home in Tenerife


British man, 31, is stabbed to death in suspected break-in at his home in Tenerife ‘leaving trail of blood where he tried to flee’

A British man has been stabbed to death in Tenerife in a suspected burglary. 

The 31-year-old is said to have made a desperate attempt to flee his attackers following the knifing on a residential complex in the south of the island popular with British holidaymakers and expats. 

The incident occurred just before midnight on Thursday in the Island Village complex near Playa de las Americas where murdered John Palmer set up his notorious timeshare business. 

Local reports said the stabbing could have occurred during a violent break-in at the dead man’s home. 

Three people are believed to have been arrested. 

A spokesman for National Police confirmed on Friday morning: ‘The dead man was a 31-year-old Brit. ‘The death was a violent death and occurred at a property in the municipality of Adeje. 

‘There have been arrests. The matter is still under investigation and there is nothing more we can add at this stage although we may be able to say more later.’ 

The victim reportedly left a trail of blood as he tried to escape up a flight of steps leading to the street above the property thought to be his home where he was attacked. 

He is said to have collapsed on the steps inside the residential estate before reaching the street after leaving bloody hand prints on the walls of apartments he staggered past as he tried to flee. 

Two men and a woman believed to have been held by police over the attack were taken to the area today by detectives who carried out a crime scene inspection. 

Island paper El Dia said the trio were accompanied by their lawyers. 

In February a middle-aged Russian man was stabbed to death in his home in the nearby area of Torviscas Alto. 

No arrests have yet taken place. The victim was described at the time as a man who was separated from his wife and lived between southern Tenerife and Russia. 

The same Policia Nacional police force is in charge of the investigation of both crimes. 

Island Village, in the municipality of Adeje a 20-minute drive from Tenerife South airport, is in an area called San Eugenio Alto. 

Wednesday night’s stabbing is said to have occurred in Phase III of Island Village, once the epicentre of timeshare crook John Palmer’s multi-national scam.



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