Brexiteers mock rejoiners after backlash to UK festival – 'Embarrassed of being British!'

This week, ten “showstoppers” were unveiled for the currently untitled exhibition. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said the projects will “wow audiences in towns and cities across the country” and will “show off the UK”.

However, bitter EU rejoiners have attacked the festival plans on social media following the announcement.

One person said it was “sick, obscene and f***ing embarrassing”.

However, Brexiteers have hit back at the angry rejoiners with many arguing they should go live in the EU and leave “us Brexiteers in peace”.

One person said: “Some people really detest this country.

“It makes you wonder why they stay here if they hate it so much.

“Perhaps they are scared to emigrate elsewhere or maybe they know which side their bread is buttered with all the benefits they probably claim.

“One thing is certain though, we don’t want them here and we certainly don’t need them. They are surplus to requirements!!”

Another said: “There are 27 EU countries who follow EU rules.

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Another person said rejoiners are not “embarrassed” by the festival but instead are “embarrassed at being British”.

They said: “There will always be people that want to put our nation down.

“Even those that are British.

“They are not ’embarrassed’ at the festival, they are just embarrassed at being British.

“Very sad disappointed and bitter people.”

Others welcomed the festival and said it was a great idea and said Britain leaving the EU deserves a national holiday.

An reader said: “What a great idea this festival is.

“Celebrating us getting out of the EU is definitely worth a national holiday.

“Well done Boris, love it.”

Exhibitions included in the festival taking will bring together more than 500 artists, scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Mr Dowden said: “These ten showstopper projects will wow audiences in towns and cities across the country, and show off the UK and its creative genius to the world.

“Alongside the Commonwealth Games, and Platinum Jubilee, they will make 2022 a year to remember, bringing the nation together as we build back stronger from the pandemic.”

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