BBC's Chris Mason warns Labour Hartlepool defeat a political 'earthquake' for party

The BBC correspondent said the humiliating results at Hartlepool mark a political “earthquake” for the Labour Party and its leader Sir Keir Starmer. The Conservatives snatched the Red Wall seat for the first time since its creation in 1974, with Labour’s votes collapsing by over 6,000. Chri Mason suggested the results will have a significant impact on the future of the party.

The BBC correspondent also suggested the results had shown Labour “have not yet hit the bottom.”

The by-election appeared to draw in criticism towards Sir Keir’s leadership strategy within minutes of the results being announced.

Kemptown & Peacehaven MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said on Twitter: “Good to see valueless flag-waving and suit-wearing working so well… or not?”

Momentum said: “This result is a disaster. In 2017, we won over 50% of the vote in Hartlepool. Now it looks like we’ve lost it to the Tories.

“A transformative socialist message has won in Hartlepool before, and it would have won again.”

More to follow…

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