Australians under 50 shouldn't get the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine Scott Morrison said

Australians under 50 SHOULDN’T get the AstraZeneca vaccine: Scott Morrison announces new advice for jab rollout amid blood clotting fears

Australia has advised its citizens under 50 against getting the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine after a link was confirmed between the jab and rare blood clots.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the announcement on Thursday night after the nation’s drug regulators held urgent meetings to consider the findings of a review of the vaccine by European authorities. 

Health Minister Greg Hunt previously emphasised the regulators would offer independent, frank and fearless advice.

European authorities identified the link between the vaccine and blood clots, prompting the United Kingdom to offer people aged under 30 an alternative vaccine due to the risk.

Other countries are considering attaching warning labels. 

The European Medicines Agency has not made a specific recommendation, but found women and people under 60 were at a higher risk of developing the rare side effect.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison 


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