Alex Salmond ridiculed as new independence party launch 'descends into farce' live on-air

Alex Salmond’s political comeback quickly descended into chaos after his new party’s press conference was riddled with technical issues. The former SNP leader announced the creation of a new pro-independence party which will stand in the upcoming Scottish Parliament election. During his press conference this afternoon, Mr Salmond said the Alba Party expected to field at least four candidates across every region of the country.

However, the press conference carrying the launch quickly descended into chaos.

With minutes, the party’s campaign video cut off prematurely, leaving Alex Salmond “staring down the camera without saying anything”.

The launch was also beset by audio difficulties, with many speakers appearing to be muted.

During the question and answer section of the press conference, viewers were unable to hear questions from journalists.

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One person said: “Technical failure at launch of new Alba Party. Nobody apart from Alex Salmond can hear the journalist’s questions.”

BBC Scotland political journalist Philip Sim tweeted: “Some slight Alan Partridge vibes to the Alba Party launch, where the inspirational video has cut off prematurely.

“It’s just been a minute now of Alex Salmond staring down the camera without saying anything.”

One user tweeted footage of the silent Alex Salmond staring at the camera, adding: “I can’t look away, it’s like the Hindenburg.”

Former Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson tweeted: “I’m getting strong Silvio Berlusconi vibes. Anyone else? #Salmond.”

Mr Salmond confirmed that the party would work towards a “successful, socially just, environmentally responsible, independent country”.

He said it was part of a bid to build a super-majority for independence in the next Scottish parliament.

The Alba Party leader said his party will not be running on the constituency party, to not rival SNP – who are also campaigning on an pro-independence stance.

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